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35mm was typically used for professional Hollywood or Independent movies. In some cases 35mm film was used by some government agencies like NASA and SpaceX. If you are looking for the best quality 35mm film to DVD transfer, you came to the right place. We can scan 35mm film up to 4K resolution.

We specialize in professional film scanning 35mm film at SD, HD and 2K (1556) and 4K (3112) resolution. For the best HD video quality we recommend the Pro 2K scan. Over sampling your film is always a good idea in order to get the best quality. So, to get the best looking SD video you want to scan at HD. To get he best HD video you want to scan at 2K. Our new Pro 2K and 4K process remove an amazing 80% of the film defects (scratches, nicks, dust, dirt and any other defects). All this for about 1/2 the rate charged in a typical Hollywood movie studio. 35mm film is ran on a pin registered scanner that was being used by Paramount and Warner Brothers just a few years ago.

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1Scanning per foot cost includes scanning only. This does not include the cost of the output format(s) like DVD.
2The example Pro 2K and Pro 4K picture includes optional color correction.


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Older 35mm film can have up to 4K lines of resolution. In order to get a reasonable quality DVD or BluRay a 2K scan is required. In order to get the highest quality DVD or BluRay a 4K scan is recommended.

We can perform a professional 4K scan of 35mm film and Super 35mm film to DVD, AVI files, BluRay, HD-AVI, HD ProRes HQ and 4K DPX. 16mm 2K scan and 35mm 4K scan are the most common film transfer services we perform.

Our Pro 2K service scans the film at 2k and down converts it to give you the best looking HD video or SD DVD possible. This is a trick Hollywood has played for years. They start with a high resolution scan of 35mm film at either 2k or 4k. They then down convert and compress it to DVD or BluRay. Only a small fraction of the visual quality is lost during a down conversion because there is so must more data when the video is down converted and compressed they can make a much better looking DVD or BluRay. A DVD from a 2k scan will look 2-3 times better than a DVD from a 480 line film scanner (DVD has 480 horizontal lines of resolution). So, we can play the same trick to give you a great looking DVD or BluRay from your 35mm film.

The same can be said of 35mm film to DVD or BluRay. By scanning the film at 4k we can make a DVD or BluRay look much better than if we scanned the 35mm film at SD resolution..

Our film to DVD, film to BluRay and film to HD editing files services are available throughout the United States and around the world. We are not only known for our professional film transfer services but also for our Pro Hollywood restoration technology we use to make our film conversion services the best in the business.

*Quality of film transfer (16mm film to DVD, 35mm film to DVD) and restoration is dependent upon condition of existing film stock; severely deteriorated original materials may be beyond the reach of even the most sophisticated restoration methods. To learn more, see our Pro Hollywood technology overview.


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