Slide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Slide FAQ

How much resolution does a 35mm slide film have?

A standard 35mm slide has about 4000 DPI (Dots Per Inch) of detail. So, a 4000 DPI scan will get 100%. A 3000 DPI scan will get 75% and so on.

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How do I calculate how many slides I have?

Many times it is difficult to get an exact count on the number of slides you have. That's OK. We will always bill you based on the actual number of slides you have. You can just estimate the number of slides you have when you fill out the online order form. In general, slide carousel's usually came with 80, 100 or 140 slide capacities. There are also rectangle trays. They could have anywhere from 20 to 50 slide capacity. Then there were the original boxes that Kodak would send the slides back in. These hold about 24 to 36 slides each.

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Is there a difference between the SD and Pro SD for slides?

Yes. The SD process is a 2000 DPI scan with no restoration (color, scratch, dust, dirt). The Pro SD is a 3000 DPI scan with restoration. Visually there will be about 25-50% difference in quality between our SD and Pro SD process. For more information click here.

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Is there a difference between an Pro SD and Pro HD for Slides?

Yes, but not as much as there is between the SD and Pro SD process. The main difference is going to be the 3000 DPI vs. 4000 DPI scan. Both include restoration. So, the difference is going to be that the Pro HD will get 100% of the details while the Pro SD will get about 75% of the details from the slide.

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Can I get digital files from my slide conversion instead of DVD Slideshow?

Yes. Be default you will get the final JPG or TIFF images on a DVD data disk. The DVD slide show is optional on the order form.

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Can I provide my own hard drive for my 35mm slide transfer?

Yes. We only ask that you format the drive so that it is empty.

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Is there a minimum on slide orders?

No. The only minimum is on the optional DVD Slideshow.

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What other slide formats do you convert besides 35mm slides?

We convert standard 35mm, 110, 126, 127, Pocket 110, 3D Slides, Medium/Large Format, 35mm Negative Strips, ASP film and Photographs

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Can you improve or restore my slides?

Yes, in most cases we can restore the slide to it's original color and detail level.

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