Film to DVD

Most professional telecine machines run at real-time and are not pin registered. Telecine film scanners are ideal for creating working copies (as opposed to a archival copy) that do not require a high degree of precision. Pin Registered scanners are intended to give the most steady reproduction of the film at the highest resolutions possible. If you are looking to archive your 16mm or 35mm film make sure it is scanned on a pin registered film scanner.


16mm Pin Registered Scan
  • Pin registration refers to a mechanical mechanism to hold the film in place during scanning.
  • Pins from the gate rise up into the film preferation holes to keep it steady.
  • This ensure absolute film registration to avoid any jitter while the film is scanned.
  • Pin Registration is essential at resolutions of 2K and above where the slightest movement can cause problems in compositing.
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