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DVD Slide Show

For scanned slides and photos we offer a Custom and Basic DVD slideshow.

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A custom slide show can be what ever you can imagine. We can do what ever you want. The cost is $50/hour of labor in addition to the normal slide or photo scanning fees.

By default, a custom slide show will include custom music on just the slides/photos you want. In addition, the slide/photo transitions are hand picked along with professional zoom in/out on each image during the video.

We can also add video tape or film to your custom slide show.

To proceed with a custom slide show:

  • Call us so we can get an idea of what you are looking for.
  • We can then give you quote for the custom work.
  • When you fill out the online order form, choose custom side show.
  • Write some basic notes about what you want and the estimated quote in the special instructions on page 2 of the order form or submit a separate page with notes and the estimated quote.
  • When the order comes in we will finalize the design and price for the slide show.

Basic DVD Slide Show

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A Basic DVD slide show is simply a DVD movie that plays on your TV just like you would see if you were to get your slide projector out and watch your slides. Each slide/photo is shown for about 5 seconds before it dissolved into the next slide/photo.

The cost is 15¢ per slide/photo in addition to the normal slide or photo scanning fees ($30 minimum).

*Quality of restoration is dependent upon condition of existing slide stock; severely deteriorated original materials may be beyond the reach of even the most sophisticated restoration methods.

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