Video Hard Drive Storage Transfer

External Hard Drive

Western Digital external drives are one of the best and most reliable drives on the market today. That's why we only sell Western Digital Passport or My Book drives with a USB connection.

Whether you decide to send your own hard drive or purchase one through us, you need to know how much space you'll need for the transfer. In addition, you probably will want some room left over for working space. If you do send your own drive, please ensure that there is nothing on the drive. It will be deleted during the reformatting process.

The hard drive needs to be an external hard drive with either a USB or IEEE 1394 Firewire connection.

To figure out the disk space needed, use this equation:

Disk Space = Hours * Disk Space Per Hour

Disk Space Per Hour = 13GB for AVI/MOV, 35GB for HD-AVI, 55GB for ProRes

If you want some additional working space, you should add about 20% to the total disk space needed.

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