Is it worth doing a film transfer again that was done 10 years ago to VHS?

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Several things have changed in the past 10 years. Media (Video Tape, DVD, Blu-Ray) and film transfer technology (Frame by Frame, Film Scanners) have gotten much better. In addition, the ability to view the footage on a high resolution (HDTV) has gotten much better as well.

VHS has 240 lines of resolution, DVD 480 and Blu-Ray 1080 lines. Film transfer machines when from 240 lines to 480 to 1080. TVs have gone from around 300 lines to 500 and now at 1080.

Film transfer to VHS 10 years ago would have been a 240 lines process, put on a 240 line VHS tape and watched on a 300 lines TV.

Today, we can do a film transfer at 1080 lines, to a format like Blu-Ray which is 1080 lines which would be viewed on a 1080 lines HDTV.

A high definition film transfer today can look about 75% better than a film transfer to VHS did 10 years ago.

So, to answer the question, yes, a film transfer today can look significantly better than a film transfer 10 years ago to VHS. See what our film transfer customers are saying.

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