My 8mm film has sound, will the 8mm film to DVD process keep the sound?

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8mm sound film was never sold with a sound stripe on it but there were ways to apply a sound stripe to 8mm film. In addition, there were some projectors that could read sound on 8mm film. 8mm film was in use around 1930 to 1970. We currently do not have a way to capture sound from 8mm film, so your 8mm film to DVD project would not have sound on it.

If your film has sound, it might be Super 8. Super 8 film was sold with a sound stripe and without sound stripe. About 95% of the super 8 film out there today is silent. Super 8 film was in use from 1965 to 1985. We can transfer the sound from Super 8 and your 8mm film to DVD project would have sound in this case.

On our Silver, Gold or Platinum process, the film is scanned. The scanner can only record the video from the film. So, the sound would be captured on a 2nd run on a different piece of equipment. Then a video editor will sync the sound with the video.

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