Can my 8mm film to DVD be put back on film?

June 22nd, 2009

Once your 8mm film to DVD has been restored and completed, there are companies that can put that video back on film. It isn’t easy and it isn’t cheap, but video can be put back on 8mm film.

A better way to achieve good quality is to transfer the 8mm film to a format like HD-AVI files instead of transferring your 8mm film to DVD. DVD is highly compressed and is only about ½ the resolution of your 8mm film. HD-AVI has 1080 lines of resolution which is just above the 800 to 1000 lines of resolution on your 8mm film.

So, by having your film transferred to a high definition video format, you can retain the quality of the 8mm film. Then a company can take that high resolution file and create 8mm film from it.

So, yes, it is possible to transfer you 8mm film to DVD and then back to film but you will get better quality by transferring your film to a high definition format first and then take that back to 8mm film.

Does my 8mm film that I want to put to DVD degrade over time?

June 11th, 2009

Many times we get asked if 8mm film that the customer wants to convert to DVD degrades over time. They haven’t been able to view the films for years or decades and aren’t sure if it is worth the effort and money to transfer the 8mm film to DVD.

In most cases the film does degrade over time. The colors shift, the exposure gets darker and the film gets scratched as you play it on a projector.

But, most of this degradation can be recovered with professional 8mm film to DVD equipment. The colors can be shifted back, the exposure corrected and the majority of grain and scratches removed.

So, even though the film does degrade over time, in over 99% of the cases, we can recover the film and give you a 8mm film to DVD conversion that will remind you of what the film looked like when it was originally taken.