My 8mm film to DVD conversion doesn’t look at good as the 8mm film

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8mm film has around 800 to 1000 lines of resolution. DVD only has 480 lines of resolution. So, any 8mm film transfer to DVD is going to turn out a DVD with significantly less resolution than the original film.

The best way to preserve the resolution on the film is to transfer your 8mm film to Blu-Ray instead of transferring your 8mm film to DVD. Because some customer’s don’t currently have a Blu-Ray player they order a DVD and Blu-Ray so they can play it now and play it on a Blu-Ray player when they get one. This is probably the best way to transfer your 8mm film today.

Some customers are interested in getting the best 8mm film to DVD transfer. The best master format would be HD-AVI. HD-AVI video is 1080 lines of resolution and is compressed about 4 times less than Blu-Ray DVDs.

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