should I transfer 8mm film to DVD or an editing file?

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8mm film to DVD is the most common film transfer. But, this isn’t for everyone. For people who want to edit the 8mm footage on a computer and produce their own 8mm to DVD or 8mm to Blu-Ray, HD-AVI is a great option. Like it sounds HD-AVI is a high definition version of AVI. HD-AVI is considered a master quality format for 8mm and Super 8 film. Meaning, it is not compressed near as much as DVD and Blu-Ray. So, you can transfer your 8mm film to HD-AVI, edit it and produce good quality DVDs or Blu-Ray. In contrast, if you transferred your 8mm film to DVD and edited it and then produced another DVD, you would loose significant quality in that process.

So, if you are looking to do a 8mm film to DVD transfer but want to edit the footage, consider getting your film transferred to HD-AVI. In the end, this will produce a better DVD from 8mm film.

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