Does 8mm film to DVD run at the same speed as my 8mm film?

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8mm film usually runs at 16 frames per second. This wasn’t always the case because many times the film camera was running on batteries or a wind up device and so many times the film was actually runn between 14 and 17 frames per second. 8mm film on DVD runs at 29.97 frames per second. In order for the 8mm film to DVD to play at the right rate of motion, new frames must be added. When those new frames are added they can added as duplicate frames to keep the video progressive or as blended frames for interlaced video. Most 8mm film to DVD transfer companies will add blended frames. Blended frames can cause a ghosting type affect because you have 2 film frames blended together. It looks like a double exposed 8mm film. We try to keep the video progressive at all times. So, when doing a 8mm film to DVD project, we only add duplicate frames to keep it progressive.

There are rare times where interlacing may make the video look better than progressive. A good example is 8mm film footage of a train moving at a slow and steady rate. Interlaced frames show movement in every frame because they are blended frames. Progressive frames will not have movement in each frame since most frames are duplicated. So, in motion critical footage it might be better to get interlaced video back. Please ask if you have questions.

If you get editing files back in addition to the 8mm film to DVD, you’ll notice that you can step through the video frame by frame. You’ll see a new frame and then see a duplicate. Then a new frame and another duplicate. This keeps the rate of motion similar to the original 8mm film while converting it to a format that requires 29.97 frames per second.

In addition to speed that your 8mm film to DVD will run at, you should also look into 8mm film to DVD film transfer types and the capture resolution. These two aspects can dramatically change the output quality you get on DVD. For example, our Pro HD scan at 1080 lines while our Pro 2K scans at 2K (1556 lines).

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