What about using a Super 8 or 8mm film scanner to copy my film?

February 22nd, 2010

It depends on your goal. Some people call and want the very best no matter what. Others call with a budget in mind and want the best quality within there budget. Usually just a few customers will call asking for the cheapest. Once customers are educated they choose a higher quality option.

Professional film scanners have long been available to the professional market for years. These professional movie film scanners were typically scanning Hollywood 35mm or 16mm film. They could do 8mm or Super 8 film if they had the right gate but many times these gates cost $100,000 each or more and they didn’t have enough volume to warrant the costs.

Recently some lower cost ($100,000 plus) film scanners have come available for Regular 8mm and Super 8 film. These machines have many of the same benefits and quality of the professional film scanners of the past but are focused on smaller gauge formats like Regular 8mm and Super 8 film.

Compared to a real-time or frame by frame machine, a professional 8mm or Super 8 film scanner can many times get 30-50% better quality from the same film. So, it is definitely worth scanning your Super 8 or 8mm film with a professional film scanner that can truly archive your film.

Something else to consider is that some 8mm film transfer processes include a high definition version. In addition, some include restoration as well for color, exposure and scratch elimination. So, do your homework to find the best super 8 film to dvd company to archive your film.