16mm 2K Scan

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16mm film was and still is a great film format. It was used by Hollywood for decades and some families shot their most cherished memories on 16mm film. 16mm film has between 1500 and 2000 lines of resolution. That’s a good thing. There is a tone of information on 16mm film. About 50-100% more than HD video today.

To get all that information, a 16mm 2K (2048×1556) scan is required. Although an HD scan will produce acceptable results, a 16mm 2K scan is required to truly archive the 16mm film.

That’s why our low-end Pro HD process scans the 16mm film at 2K and then down converts it to HD video. This is a trick Hollywood has been playing on us for years. They have been scanning the film at 2K or 4K and then down converting it to DVD or BluRay to produce amazing looking video. You have so much more information at 2K or 4K that you don’t loose that much visual quality when you down convert to DVD or BluRay.

A 16mm 2K scan will future proof your investment in the transfer. You’ll not only be able to create great looking DVDs or BluRays, you’ll be able to create what ever comes after BluRay. There’s nothing more irritating than spending a lot of money on your film transfer to learn that you are locked into the current format of the day.

In addition, if you are looking for a little Hollywood technology to clean up your film (scratches, dust, dirt, etc.) , we have that also at a fraction of the cost. Our dust busting technology cleans up 95% of the defects on the film.

So, we not only offer a true archiving 16mm 2K scan process but we can clean up your film like a Hollywood movie studio to give you the best possible results at a discount price.

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