8mm to DVD

November 11th, 2011

Somtimes the term 8mm to DVD can be confusing. The 8mm size has been used to describe several different formats in history. The first was 8mm film. Kodak started to sell 8mm film in the late 20’s. It wasn’t comingly used until the 1950’s. 8mm video tape was introduced in the late 1980’s for modern camcorders. It was improved upon in the 90’s with a format called Hi8. Finally, there was Digital 8 which was introduced by Sony.

Regardless of what type if 8mm format you have, rest assured that Video Conversion Experts can transfer your 8mm to DVD. We are experts in the field and can not only transfer it but offer the highest quality 8mm to DVD transfer service in the country.

We take a 3 tiered approach. Our first teir of 8mm to DVD service usually compares to the service you can get elsewhere at Walgreens, Walmart and your local camera shop. Our second teir uses professional broadcast equipment to transfer you 8mm to DVD. Usually this equipment will produce 20-40% better quality. Finally, the top teir uses brand new state of the art professional broadcast systems and restoration technology to make your 8mm to DVD video look as good as it possibly can.