How often can I convert Super 8 to DVD?

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Super 8 Film holds up pretty good over time. Most 8mm and Super 8 film can last 50 to 70 years if stored right. However, each time you play your Super 8 film in a projector, you take the chance of scratching, burning or tearing the super 8 film.

If you look around at all the Super 8 film to DVD companies you find that over 98% of them are using a sprocket driven machine if not an old projector or modified projector. This means that each time you transfer your Super 8 film to DVD you take the chance of scratching, burning or tearing the Super 8 film.

Another factor in deciding how many times you can transfer your 8mm film to DVD is the age of the 8mm film and the way in which it has been stored. 8mm film can last up to 60-70 years if stored properly. In general, if the 8mm film can be played in a projector, it can still be transferred.

Less than 1% of the companies out today use a professional film scanners like a motion picture film scanner or Datacine machine for your Super 8 film to DVD project. These machines don’t use the sprocket holes or an old projector to transfer the film. So, these professional Super 8 film scanners can’t scratch, burn or tear the film. In addition, these Super 8 film to DVD film scanners can better deal with fragile or warped film. If you have a choice, choose to transfer your Super 8 film to DVD using a professional Super 8 film scanner.

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