I have some old Kodak Super 8 film, can I transfer it to BluRay?

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Yes, we can transfer Super 8 and 8mm film to BluRay. There are many different ways to transfer film to BluRay. In order to transfer you film to BluRay you’ll need to do a 1080p or 1556p line scan of your film since BluRay is 1080 lines.

In general, most film can last up to 70 to 80 years if stored properly. If you can play the film in a projector is can be transferred without any problem. If you can’t, you still might be able to run the film through our professional film scanner. It is roller based and does not touch the film to move it forward or during the scanning. This is the best type of machine to to get your Super 8 film to BluRay.

Most film transfer companies today still use a real-time based transfer system. This is similar to using a project and camcorder to record the film. This wont work out well if you want it on BluRay because the machine creates VHS level quality. So, your BluRay would look like old VHS. The best film to BluRay process uses a professional film scanner or Datacine machine. A professional film scanner will create video as good as the film. There are only a few companies using a professional film scanner. They normally charge around 40 to 60 cents/ft. But, it’s well worth the price to archive family memories and history going back 50 to 80 years!!

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