Will my film to DVD transfer look as good as my film?

That's a great question and one that most customer's should be asking when they do their research. In decades past the answer was no. The film to DVD machines weren't good enough to capture the full resolution and dynamic range of the film. Today, if the company spends the money on good, high quality film scanners, you can get nearly as good or better than the film.

Your film is around 800 to 1000 lines of resolution. Even a professional scanner will have some loss in the scanning process. Any non professional real-time or frame by frame machine will have considerable loss in the film scanning process. This is why you need to have your film converted to DVD using a motion picture film scanner or Datacine machine. This will ensure that your film conversion project results in a DVD that looks nearly as good or better than the original film.

DVD is the most common format we transfer film to. But, there are many of formats we can transfer 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film to. For example, we can transfer film to BluRay, AVI, MOV, ProRes and the ultimate format, DPX. If you are looking for the best quality film to DVD transfer, you've found it. We use the world's best motion picture film scanners for your 8mm, Super 8, 16mm and 35mm film. Our professional scanners can also bypass damaged sprocket holes because they are a roller based scanning machine. They don't use the sprocket hole to move the film through. The services below are for 8mm and Super 8 film. If you have 16mm or 35mm film click here.

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8mm and Super 8 Film Services

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1Scanning per foot cost includes scanning only. This does not include the cost of the output format(s) like DVD.
2The example Pro 2K and Pro 4K picture includes optional color correction.


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Video Conversion Experts specializes in film to DVD transfer. We not only scan the film with high resolution scanners, we also restore each frame for color, exposure, grain and scratches. You wont find a better film to DVD transfer process in the USA. We can scan 35mm film up to 4K resolution, 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm up to 2K resolution. You won't find a higher resolution scan anywhere else.

Video Conversion Experts offers various levels of film to DVD transfer services to meet everyone's need. Our SD process is similar to what other film transfer companies are using today. The first process to offer better quality is our Pro SD process. This is a professional motion picture film scanner. The Pro HD process builds on this by adding a full 1080p scan resolution and film restoration. The Pro 2K is the ultimate process because it scans each frame in at 1556 lines of resolution and includes restoration as well.

Film to DVD transfer is one of the most important things you can do to archive your family history for your generations and your kids' generation. Our DVDs are professional archival quality. We not only transfer film to DVD, but can transfer your film to master formats like AVI, HD-AVI and ProRes so you can edit the footage and take out material you don't want, re-arrange the order or put in title screens or narration. You can really do anything you can image with an editing file from the film transfer we provide.

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