Are there quality differences in film To DVD services?

Yes, there are significant quality differences between film to DVD services offered by companies today. Most companies today use a real-time or frame by frame machine. These are non-professional film scanners that perform the film to DVD conversion as cheaply as possible. These machines aren't about a quality conversion, but are about the cheapest conversion. Sometimes that's ok if you are looking for a low quality conversion just for reference purposes. But, most customers are looking to archive their film onto DVD or other formats. In these cases, a real-time or frame by frame machine is not going to result in a good quality DVD.

If you are looking for the best quality service, you've found it. You wont find any company offering a 2K (1556) line scan for you 8mm or Super 8 film. This is exclusive technology that we offer. We are contacted by labs around the world to scan 8mm and Super 8 film for documentaries and for company archives. You too can have your 8mm or Super 8 film to DVD done at the highest resolution in the world. Damaged sprocket holes? Shrunk film? No problem. These professional film to DVD scanners are roller based so they don't use the sprocket holes and have laser frame alignment to get 100% of the frame no matter how shrunk it is. The film to DVD services are for 8mm and Super 8 film.

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8mm and Super 8 Film Services

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1Scanning per foot cost includes scanning only. This does not include the cost of the output format(s) like DVD.
2The example Pro 2K and Pro 4K picture includes optional color correction.


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Video Conversion Experts specializes in restoring film to DVD. We not only scan the film with high resolution scanners at up to 4K resolution, we also restore each frame for color, exposure, grain and scratches. You wont find a better film to DVD process in the USA. Most of our machines are strictly professional and are used for independent movies, Hollywood movies and government archives from NASA, USGS and other agencies.

Transferring your film to DVD is one of the most important things you can do to archive your family history for generations to come. Our DVDs are professional archival quality that are 100 times less likely to scratch and will last a minimum of 50 years. We not only transfer film to DVD, but can transfer your film to master formats like BluRay, AVI, MOV, ProRes and DPX.

Video Conversion Experts offers various levels of film to DVD services to meet everyone's need. Our SD process is similar to what other film transfer companies are using today including Walmart, Walgreens and Costco. The first process to offer better quality is our Pro SD process. It scans each frame in one by one. The Pro HD and Pro 2K process builds on this by using a broadcast professional movie film scanner which includes film restoration. The restoration is done by a machine that was used for restoring Hollywood films. The Pro 2K is the ultimate process because it scans each frame in at 2K resolution (1556 lines, 50% higher than the Pro HD process) and includes restoration as well. Now you don't have to compromise quality when you copy your film to dvd. Our Pro HD and Pro 2K process will produce the best DVD possible.

If a company is willing to scan your film to DVD for under 20 cents/ft, run. They are using a non-professional machine like our bottom-end SD process or worse. Your family memories are worth more than that and we can give you the best film to DVD quality possible.

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