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Want to transfer 16mm to DVD and looking for the best quality? Look no further. Video Conversion Experts specializes in high resolution 2K and 4K scanning of 16mm film. We can transfer 16mm film to DVD, BluRay, ProRes, AVI, MOV and DPX. So, no matter what you are looking for, we can deliver it to you at a price that is typically 25-50% below competitors. For the best HD video quality we recommend the Pro 2K scan. Over sampling your film is always a good idea in order to get the best quality. So, to get the best looking SD video you want to scan at HD. To get he best HD video you want to scan at 2K. Our new Pro 2K and 4K process remove an amazing 80% of the film defects (scratches, nicks, dust, dirt and any other defects).

Breaking News: We are a company continually researching and developing new technologies to get more quality from your film. We are very proud to offer our brand new Advanced Grain Elimination Technology. It removes 95% of grain and video noise from film to give you a clean, sharp video from your old movies. It is an amazing technology that has been in development for years.

Does your 16mm or 35mm film have 2K resolution? Absolutely. Even old 16mm film can have up to 2K lines of resolution. 35mm film can have up to 4K lines of resolution. So, yes, the detail is there. The only way to truly archive 16mm film is with a 2K scan of the film.

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1Scanning per foot cost includes scanning only. This does not include the cost of the output format(s) like DVD.
2The example Pro 2K and Pro 4K picture includes optional color correction.


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Lucky you. Your 16mm film has 2K (1556) lines of information. More than your HDTV can handle today. Most certainly we can transfer your 16mm to DVD, but we can also transfer it to BluRay or an HD or DPX master editing files. The advantage of transferring 16mm to DVD is that DVD is supported everywhere even by BluRay players. So, you know that your transfer of 16mm film to DVD will play anywhere. In addition, our DVDs are archival quality. You wont have to worry about them failing 5 years from now.

If you want to see marked improvements in the sharpness of 16mm film transfer to DVD, our Pro HD Scan package is an excellent option. The Pro HD Scan package includes an HD (1080 line) scan of your original film. This process results in a sharper image, increased resolution, and less dust and scratches.

If you're looking for the best transfer of 16mm to DVD, you can't beat our Pro 2K package. No other transfer company offers this level of resolution or restoration anywhere near our price. Our trademark Pro Hollywood Restoration process removes scratches, nicks, dust, dirt and any other kind of defect. The Pro 2K package creates a final product that is on par with the DVD copies produced by the movie studios.

So, if you are looking to transfer 16mm to DVD and are looking for the best, choose the Pro 2K process. On the other hand, if you are looking for a good transfer of 16mm to DVD, the choose the Pro HD process. If you are on a budget and can't afford anything better then choose the Pro SD process.

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