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Looking to transfer your slides at the highest quality? You've found it. We only use the best slide scanner, the Nikon 9000. The Pro HD process includes Digital Pro ICE to remove scratches, flakes, dust or other damage on the slide. Each slide is cleaned and reviewed for quality before it goes out. You wont be disappointed with our quality, guaranteed.

Each slide has approximately 4000 Dots Per Inch (DPI) of quality. If you are looking for a low budget scanner service choose the SD (scans at 2000 DPI). If you are looking for a pretty good scan choose the Pro SD (scans at 3000 DPI). If you are looking for the best scanning service choose the Pro HD (scans at 4000 DPI).

SD, Pro SD and Pro HD pricing below is for standard 2'x2' 35mm, 110 or 226 slides

For non-standard slides, film or negatives, click here.

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35mm Transfer Slides
Transfer Slides SD Transfer Slides Pro SD Transfer Slides Pro HD Transfer Slides
Transfer 35mm Slides Price SD 35mm Transfer Slides Pro SD 35mm Transfer Slides Pro HD 35mm Transfer Slides
Quality vs. Slide 50% Worse 25% Worse Better Than
Scan Resolution 2000 DPI 3000 DPI 4000 DPI
Restoration/Edit None Pro (color, scratch, dust) Pro (color, scratch, dust)
Machine Used Nikon 5000 Nikon 9000 Nikon 9000
Scan Completed Done in the USA!! Done in the USA!! Done in the USA!!
Scanned Images Included on Data DVD Included on Data DVD Included on Data DVD
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Transfer slides today at the highest quality, all done in the USA. Your 35mm slides are filled with irreplaceable memories, and now Video Conversion Experts can transfer your slides to our archival scratch proof DVDs so you can share them with others.

There are many companies that transfer slides, but only a few that can produce the quality that we can at the price that we can. Our Pro HD process scans each slide at 4000 DPI (Dots Per Inch) and includes manual color, contrast, grain and scratch restoration.

Video Conversion Experts can transfer your slides at different levels of quality to meet everyone's needs. The SD transfers (2000 DPI) is intended for the customer that can't afford a better 35mm Transfer Slides service but want to be able to see a slide show on their TV. The Pro SD 35mm Transfer Slides process (3000 DPI) includes auto restoration and allows for prints up to 5x7. The Pro HD process is the ultimate 35mm Transfer Slides service because it includes a 4000 DPI scan and our manual restoration technology to produce the best possible result from the 35mm slide. Because of the higher resolution scan and restoration, the images from the Pro HD process can be printed up to an 10x14.

Because these memories are irreplaceable, the staff takes extra precautions at each and every step to ensure the safety of your slides. In addition, we keep a digital backup of every 35mm slide for 30 days after we ship them out to ensure you receive them safely.

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