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By Brad Hinkle 2/24/2020

Only those looking for the best quality 8mm Film DVD transfer should continue reading. We use the world's best and most expensive professional motion picture film scanners and Datacine machines for your Super 8 and 8mm film. Damaged sprocket holes? Shrunk film? No problem. These professional film scanners are roller based so they don't use the sprocket holes and have laser frame alignment to get 100% of the frame no matter how shrunk it is. We also use 100-year archival DVDs so you don't have to worry about them failing in the future. They will out live any DVD player.

Sometimes the term 8mm Film to DVD transfer can be confusing. The 8mm size has been used to describe several different formats in history. The first was 8mm film. Kodak started to sell 8mm film in the 1920's. It was only for the rich until about 1960. Back in those days it cost about $20 ($100 in today's dollars) to buy the film and have Kodak process it. 8mm video tape was introduced in the late 1980's for modern camcorders. Like VHS, it was a terrible format compared to 8mm film. 8mm film can have up to 1000 lines of resolution. 8mm tape only has 240 lines!!

8mm tape was improved upon in the 90's with a format called Hi8 which had about 400 lines of resolution. Finally, there was Digital 8 which was introduced by Sony. It had around 500 lines of resolution.

Regardless of what type if 8mm format you have, rest assured that Video Conversion Experts can transfer your 8mm to DVD. We are experts in the field and can not only transfer it but offer the highest quality 8mm to DVD transfer service in the country. Our DVDs are rated at a 100-year lifetime.

We take a 3 tiered approach. Our first tier of 8mm to DVD service usually compares to the service you can get Costco, Walgreens, Walmart and your local camera shop. Our second tier uses professional broadcast equipment to transfer you 8mm to DVD. Usually this equipment will produce 30-40% better quality. Finally, the top tier uses brand new state of the art professional broadcast systems and restoration technology to make your 8mm to DVD video look as good as it possibly can. As Patrick put it in his BBB review, "We were absolutely pleased with the conversion of our old 8 mm movies to DVD. The color, image quality and brightness was better than watching the movies."

8mm and Super 8 Film Conversion Services

*Scanning per foot cost includes scanning only. This does not include the cost of the output format(s) like DVD*
**The example Pro 2K and Pro 4K picture includes optional color correction**
Order Process
Step 1

Organize and Number

Number the boxes, cans or reels in the best order you can from 1 to X and we'll Follow that order

Step 2

Choose Process

SD Scan
Produces 50-60% less quality then the film
Produces 20-25% less quality then the film
Scan produces video that is as good as the film
scan produces video that is better then the film

Step 3

Choose Format

DVD & BluRay
Good for viewing on TV, Not for editing
Good for viewing anywhere and will last longer then DVD/BluRay
AVI, HD-AVI & ProRes
Good for Editing not for Viewing on TV
Professional Editing Only

Step 4

Order Online

Fill out the appropriate order form online and print invoice.
*You'll Need to include one copy with the order*

Step 5

Ship with Order Form

Ship film with order form. we recommend using a fedex or uPS
2-3 day air service

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our service is the best in the business and so is our customer support. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our results please contact us to discuss any options. *Quality of film conversion and restoration is dependent upon condition of existing film stock and/or videotape; severely deteriorated original materials may be beyond the reach of even the most sophisticated restoration methods. To learn more, see our exclusive Film Conversion Technology, Slide Transfer Technology, or Video Transfer Technology. Online Video Customer Index.