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8mm To DVD Transfer

Best 8MM To DVD Transfer Services

If you are looking for the best for your 8mm to DVD transfer, look no further. We use the world’s most expensive professional motion picture film scanners and Datacine machines for your 8mm and Super 8 film. Some companies are using modified projectors or old scanners from the 1980s and telling you they provide the best. Ask questions and you will see that there isn’t another company that can scan your 8mm film up to 1556 lines in the world. So, if you truly want the best, look no further.

Breaking News: We are a company continually researching and developing new technologies to get more quality from your film. We are very proud to offer our brand new Advanced Grain Elimination Technology. It removes 95% of grain and video noise from film to give you a clean and sharp video from your old movies. It is an amazing technology that has been in development for years.

8mm to DVD transfer can mean several things to different people. A little more research turns up two different formats. 8mm film has been around since the 1920s while 8mm or Hi8 videotape has been around since the late 1980s. These two 8mm formats are very different as you might guess. 8mm film was created by Kodak for old 8mm film cameras. Sony introduced the first 8mm video tape camcorder in 1985. 8mm film can hold up to 1000 lines of resolution. 8mm tape only holds 240 lines! Yes, your old 8mm film has 4 times the resolution. Sad but true.

There are numerous companies that can transfer your 8mm to DVD regardless if you have the old reel to reel 8mm film or the 8mm videotape format. Within each of these 8mm formats, there are numerous ways to transfer the 8mm to DVD or other digital formats.

For 8mm film, there are real-time 8mm to DVD transfers, frame by frame 8mm to DVD transfers, and professional 8mm to DVD film scanners. Most companies you might be familiar with (Costco, Walmart, Walgreens, etc.) do a real-time 8mm to DVD transfer. And, of course, they aren’t doing it at their store either. It is sent out of state to a different company. Hopefully, you’ll get everything back about 6 weeks later. Have a problem and need to talk to the people that did the work? Good luck. There is no personal attention, no customer service, and horrible quality which is the most important.

What if your film has sound? Again, good luck finding a company that can get it off your 8mm film. It was never produced that way and was only hand modified to have sound. No worries, Video Conversion Experts can get the sound off your 8mm film so that your 8mm to DVD transfer has sound on it.

There are a handful of companies using motion picture film scanners to convert your 8mm to DVD. Although this sounds expensive, it is no longer the case. If you have an old reel to reel 8mm film, search for a company that uses a motion picture film scanner or a Datacine machine to get the best quality 8mm to DVD transfer.

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