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Non-Standard Slides And Film Scanning

Over 80% of slide or film scanning is standard 2x2 mounted 35mm slides. Our general pricing is setup for standard 2x2 mounted 35mm slides. We of course can scan just about any type of slide or film. Below is the pricing information for standard and non-standard slides and film. All non-standard slides and film are processed on our Pro HD process and automatically include Crop and Pro ICE.

Standard Slides in 2x2 Mounts

Standard Size Sizes


2000 DPI
Per Frame


3000 DPI
Per Frame

Pro HD

4000 DPI
Per Frame

Please Note:  Pricing for Slides mounted in 2x2 cardboard or plastic mounts, glass mounts or steel sleeves extra.

35mm Negative Strips

35mm Negative Strips

Pro HD Process

2500 DPI
Per Frame

Includes Crop & Pro ICE (except B/W Negatives)

Non-Standard Slide And Negative Scanning

Non Standard Slide and Negative Scanning

2500 DPI Pro HD Process

Per Frame

Please Note: There Is A Small Handling Fee For Slides In Steel Sleeves. Includes Crop and Pro ICE

Medium Format Film Pricing

Medium Float Film Pricing

1500 DPI Pro HD Process

Per Frame
Includes Crop and Pro ICE

Large Format Film Pricing

Large Format FIlm

600 DPI Pro HD Process

Per Frame
Includes Crop and Pro ICE

APS Film Scanning Pricing

APS Film Scanning

4000 DPI Pro HD Process

Per Frame
Includes Crop and Pro ICE

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our service is the best in the business and so is our customer support. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our results please contact us to discuss any options. *Quality of film conversion and restoration is dependent upon condition of existing film stock and/or videotape; severely deteriorated original materials may be beyond the reach of even the most sophisticated restoration methods. To learn more, see our exclusive Film Conversion Technology, Slide Transfer Technology, or Video Transfer Technology. Online Video Customer Index.