I converted 8mm film to DVD, can I put this on BluRay?

July 9th, 2009

Today, most people are still converting their 8mm film to DVD. But, there are some people that are starting to think about  Blu-Ray DVD.  There are a couple of things to think about.

First, there is enough resolution on 8mm film (800 to 1000 lines) for Blu-Ray DVD. Most people are unaware that their 8mm film has near HD quality on it.

Second, you want to start with the 8mm film in order to get the best results on Blu-Ray DVD. Taking video from your 8mm film to DVD transfer and writing that to Blu-Ray will not produce good quality. The video on DVD is highly compressed. If you take that, edit it and then burn that to a highly compressed Blu-Ray DVD, it wont look very good.

The best way to get your film on Blu-Ray DVD is to scan the 8mm film at 1080 lines first instead of putting your 8mm film to DVD.  The best format for this would be HD-AVI files. These are the best quality HD files available today that can be edited on today’s PCs and Mac computers.

So, get the film scanned at 1080 lines to HD-AVI and then use a HD video editing program to write the HD-AVI files to Blu-Ray DVD. This is the best way to get your 8mm film onto Blu-Ray DVD.