There are many film transfer services, which is best?

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There are about 3 different types of film transfer services being used today. The real-time film transfer is used by about 80% of the companies out there today. The Walmarts and Walgreens type stores offer a real-time film transfer service. Real-time machines cost around $3000.


The next type of film transfer service is called frame by frame. A frame by frame film transfer service is like real-time but the machine stops and takes a separate picture of each frame. The frame by frame film transfer service results in video that is about 20-30% better than a real-time film transfer service. Frame by frame machines cost around $4000 to $8000.


Lastly, we have a professional motion picture film scanner. These were usually build just for the professional Hollywood film types but have recently been build for the small guage formats like 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm films. A professional motion picture film scanner will usually produce results that are 30 to 50% better than a frame by frame machine. So, if you are looking for the best film transfer company, you would want to make sure your film is transferred using a professional motion picture film scanner.

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