Video Conversion Experts Preserving Priceless Memories Mon, 02 Jun 2014 20:25:46 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Convert 8mm Film To DVD Wed, 28 May 2014 23:25:28 +0000 Your 8mm film only has a few years left before it becomes too fragile and warped to convert to DVD. Even if you have to convert the film using a lower quality and cheaper method, it is better to do something than nothing.

There are many different ways to convert your 8mm film to DVD and there are many companies out there that do it. There are really 3 different classes of companies that can convert your 8mm film.

1)  Real-Time Film Transfer Setup

Real-Time 8mm Film To DVD Setup

The lowest class would be your high volume retail resellers like Walmart, Costco and Walgreens. They all farm it out to a company in California. They all squeeze the supplier to the point where they have to do it as cheap as possible with the cheapest equipment and cheapest work force. They are usually using modified projectors and camcorders in a closed box system. It’s kind of like using a camcorder to record your film off the wall as it plays in the projector. These machines are usually referred to as real-time film transfer machines and they cost about $2000-3000.

2)       Small Independent Companies – Frame By Frame

Frame By Frame Film Transfer Machine

The next class would be small independent companies. Basically your mom and pop shops. They might sell cameras or video games and in addition will transfer your video tapes or film to DVD. Typically they are using real-time or frame by frame machines – basically modified projector and camcorder setup. They charge about the same or maybe a bit more than the high volume retailers like Walmart but the staff is usually better trained and they might be able to give you personal attention that you can’t get from the Walmart’s of the world. There are probably about 500 of these small independent companies around in the USA today.

3)      Professional Film Scanning Equipment

Professional Film Scanning Equipment

The last class would be companies that professional scan film. Some only work on Hollywood films. Some do a mixture of Hollywood and semi professional work. A few span the entire spectrum from Amateur film to Hollywood films. Because these companies do some amount of professional film scanning they will have the most expensive and best quality machines to scan your 8mm film. The machines they scan on usually run well over $100,000 each. But if you are looking for the best quality these are the companies you want scanning your film. In addition, these companies usually do some amount of restoration. So, color correction, grain reduction, etc.

The best advice is to do your homework. Talk to at least 4-5 companies. Find out what they offer and how much it costs. See if they offer the options you are looking for. Keep in mind that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to pass your history down to the next few generations. If you can afford the best I would recommend getting the best.

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Video Conversion Experts Launches Our Facebook Page! Thu, 01 Aug 2013 20:12:01 +0000 Finally launched our Facebook page. It’s off to a good start. We’ve uploaded some pictures from 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film we’ve scanned in the past with a few videos as well. Here’s our facebook page!!

YouTube Video of Converting 8mm Film to DVD Thu, 01 Aug 2013 20:10:43 +0000 Check out our new video of how we convert 8mm film to dvd on youtube. You’ll see the control software for the 8mm film scanner in action as it scans. You will also see how our automated DVD burner is able to burn and print the disk.

I have some old Kodak Super 8 film, can I transfer it to BluRay? Mon, 29 Jul 2013 20:23:40 +0000 Yes, we can transfer Super 8 and 8mm film to BluRay. There are many different ways to transfer film to BluRay. In order to transfer you film to BluRay you’ll need to do a 1080p or 1556p line scan of your film since BluRay is 1080 lines.

In general, most film can last up to 70 to 80 years if stored properly. If you can play the film in a projector is can be transferred without any problem. If you can’t, you still might be able to run the film through our professional film scanner. It is roller based and does not touch the film to move it forward or during the scanning. This is the best type of machine to to get your Super 8 film to BluRay.

Most film transfer companies today still use a real-time based transfer system. This is similar to using a project and camcorder to record the film. This wont work out well if you want it on BluRay because the machine creates VHS level quality. So, your BluRay would look like old VHS. The best film to BluRay process uses a professional film scanner or Datacine machine. A professional film scanner will create video as good as the film. There are only a few companies using a professional film scanner. They normally charge around 40 to 60 cents/ft. But, it’s well worth the price to archive family memories and history going back 50 to 80 years!!

Looking for the best 16mm Film to DVD film transfer process Sun, 28 Jul 2013 21:28:02 +0000 Your 16mm film has up to 2K (1556 lines) of resolution. In order to get 100% of the film you need to get a 2K scan. If you just want DVD back then we would suggest a 1080p scan to ensure the DVD looks as good as it can.

Today, there are about 4 different types of 16mm film to DVD film transfer machines. At the low-end we have the real-time 16mm film to DVD machine. It uses a 16mm film projector and a camcorder. As the film plays, the images are bounced off a mirror and recorded by the camcorder. As you can imagine, this is not the best way to digitize your film. But unfortunately this is what you get when you take it to your local camera shop, Walmart, Costco or Walgreens. So, buyer beware!

At the middle-end we have a frame by frame 16mm film to DVD process. In this type of process, the same projector and camcorder are used but the camcorder is pointed right at the film in the projector. As a new frame enters the gate, a sync signal is sent to the camcorder and computer to take a picture of the frame. In this type of 16mm film to DVD process, the results are about 20-30% better than a real-time process. Yes, better than Walmart but not much.

The best 16mm film to DVD film transfer process uses a professional 16mm film scanner or Datacine machine. There are older professional scanners like Rank Cintel but these scanners use technology from the 1980s and can only scan at standard definition resolution. You’ll see a few companies saying they can scan the film at 1080 lines or even 2K or 3K but the fact is these old machines can’t get even close to HD resolution. So, again, buyer beware!

There are a handful of new high definition professional 16mm film scanners. These scanners typically cost over $150,000 each. These professional high definition film scanners provide the best possible 16mm film to DVD quality available.

So, the best 16mm film to DVD company will be using a professional high definition 16mm film scanner for you 16mm film transfer.

How often can I convert Super 8 to DVD? Sat, 27 Jul 2013 17:53:12 +0000 Super 8 Film holds up pretty good over time. Most 8mm and Super 8 film can last 50 to 70 years if stored right. However, each time you play your Super 8 film in a projector, you take the chance of scratching, burning or tearing the super 8 film.

If you look around at all the Super 8 film to DVD companies you find that over 98% of them are using a sprocket driven machine if not an old projector or modified projector. This means that each time you transfer your Super 8 film to DVD you take the chance of scratching, burning or tearing the Super 8 film.

Another factor in deciding how many times you can transfer your 8mm film to DVD is the age of the 8mm film and the way in which it has been stored. 8mm film can last up to 60-70 years if stored properly. In general, if the 8mm film can be played in a projector, it can still be transferred.

Less than 1% of the companies out today use a professional film scanners like a motion picture film scanner or Datacine machine for your Super 8 film to DVD project. These machines don’t use the sprocket holes or an old projector to transfer the film. So, these professional Super 8 film scanners can’t scratch, burn or tear the film. In addition, these Super 8 film to DVD film scanners can better deal with fragile or warped film. If you have a choice, choose to transfer your Super 8 film to DVD using a professional Super 8 film scanner.

8mm to DVD Fri, 11 Nov 2011 19:55:55 +0000 Somtimes the term 8mm to DVD can be confusing. The 8mm size has been used to describe several different formats in history. The first was 8mm film. Kodak started to sell 8mm film in the late 20’s. It wasn’t comingly used until the 1950’s. 8mm video tape was introduced in the late 1980’s for modern camcorders. It was improved upon in the 90’s with a format called Hi8. Finally, there was Digital 8 which was introduced by Sony.

Regardless of what type if 8mm format you have, rest assured that Video Conversion Experts can transfer your 8mm to DVD. We are experts in the field and can not only transfer it but offer the highest quality 8mm to DVD transfer service in the country.

We take a 3 tiered approach. Our first teir of 8mm to DVD service usually compares to the service you can get elsewhere at Walgreens, Walmart and your local camera shop. Our second teir uses professional broadcast equipment to transfer you 8mm to DVD. Usually this equipment will produce 20-40% better quality. Finally, the top teir uses brand new state of the art professional broadcast systems and restoration technology to make your 8mm to DVD video look as good as it possibly can.

8mm Movie Transfer Wed, 05 Oct 2011 23:57:23 +0000 Your old 8mm movie films feature priceless images from your life, but you never seem to have the time to watch them. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. With so many people using DVD players and watching movies on their home computers, it seems no one has time to watch old 8mm home movies.

Many people are afraid to do an 8mm movie transfer because they don’t want to damage the film and they don’t want to lose the image quality. Fortunately, when you work with a reliable and trusted transfer house, your old films actually look better than ever.

At Video Conversion Experts, we have 25 years of experience in 8mm movie transfers which includes the process of restoring your film and converting it to a more convenient viewing format. We can even transfer your film to a digital file for editing purposes. Since you’re probably only going to transfer your film once, it’s important to invest in the best possible restoration package. You also want to make sure to select the right format for transferring your film.

If all of this information seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. We break down the ordering process into easy to understand terms. We provide detailed information about our process, help you calculate footage, and even keep a digital backup of your footage for 30 days. Our services are billed at a flat rate, which means you never have to worry about any hidden fees. If you add extras, we calculate the price immediately through our interactive online order form.

16mm 2K Scan Thu, 01 Sep 2011 19:30:49 +0000 16mm film was and still is a great film format. It was used by Hollywood for decades and some families shot their most cherished memories on 16mm film. 16mm film has between 1500 and 2000 lines of resolution. That’s a good thing. There is a tone of information on 16mm film. About 50-100% more than HD video today.

To get all that information, a 16mm 2K (2048×1556) scan is required. Although an HD scan will produce acceptable results, a 16mm 2K scan is required to truly archive the 16mm film.

That’s why our low-end Pro HD process scans the 16mm film at 2K and then down converts it to HD video. This is a trick Hollywood has been playing on us for years. They have been scanning the film at 2K or 4K and then down converting it to DVD or BluRay to produce amazing looking video. You have so much more information at 2K or 4K that you don’t loose that much visual quality when you down convert to DVD or BluRay.

A 16mm 2K scan will future proof your investment in the transfer. You’ll not only be able to create great looking DVDs or BluRays, you’ll be able to create what ever comes after BluRay. There’s nothing more irritating than spending a lot of money on your film transfer to learn that you are locked into the current format of the day.

In addition, if you are looking for a little Hollywood technology to clean up your film (scratches, dust, dirt, etc.) , we have that also at a fraction of the cost. Our dust busting technology cleans up 95% of the defects on the film.

So, we not only offer a true archiving 16mm 2K scan process but we can clean up your film like a Hollywood movie studio to give you the best possible results at a discount price.