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If you are looking for the best quality VHS to DVD or 8mm to DVD conversion, you've found it. We use the world's best professional tape decks for your Betamax, Betacam, Betacam SP, Broadcast 3/4", VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8 and MiniDV tapes. Tracking issues? Poor video quality? These professional decks will get the best possible quality given the condition of the tape.

Our professional broadcast machines (used by the Pro SD and Pro HD process) try to recover as much of the original image quality as possible. This is very important because video on tape degrades quickly over time and you want to recover as much of that as possible.

Breaking News: We are a company continually researching and developing new technologies to get more quality from your video tapes. We are very proud to offer our brand new Advanced Noise Reduction Technology. It removes 95% of video noise from tape to give you a clean, sharp video from your old movies. It is an amazing technology that has been in development for years.

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We can combine multiple tapes (up to 4 hours) to BluRay to consolidate your video onto fewer disks in stunning BluRay quality. We can convert Betacam, Betamax, U-Matic, VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, MiniDV and Digital 8 to BluRay disks. Even if your tape is standard definition or lower, it will look better on BluRay because the video on BluRay is much less compressed compared to DVD. So, old video tapes like VHS and 8mm will look about 25% better on BluRay just because BluRay is less compressed.

You'll find many places that can copy your VHS to DVD but you wont find very many companies that use the best equipment and can give you the best vhs to DVD quality like Video Conversion Experts. Our professional services (Pro SD, Pro HD) only use the highest quality, most professional machines. Together with our VHS restoration services, we can give you a crisp, clear, noise free video from your VHS tape.

Keep in mind that DVD will not last forever. So, if you are looking for the best 8mm tape to DVD conversion you will want to consider a different format than DVD. If you just want to watch the video on your TV and don't need to edit anything, consider converting your 8mm tape to BluRay. BluRay has much more space and we don't have to compress the video as much compared to DVD. In addition, you can move your 8mm tape footage to the state of the art format like BluRay.

Converting your Hi8 tapes to BluRay is a great idea and BluRay is state of the art. But, both DVD and BluRay are highly compressed. For this reason we offer the best Hi8 to digital conversions possible. We can convert your Hi8 tape to digital formats like AVI, MOV, HD-AVI and ProRes. These are lightly compressed formats which makes them manageable on todays PC and Mac computers. This not only allows you to edit your Hi8 tape on your computer but also gives you a digital master of your tape that is much higher quality than DVD or BluRay is.

For our professional clients with U-Matic or Betacam tapes, we provide the highest quality Betacam conversion service in the United States. We can convert Betacam, Betacam SP and Betacam SX tapes to DVD, BluRay, AVI, MOV, HD-AVI and ProRes. There aren't very many labs left that can convert these tapes at a high quality level.

The most frequently asked question is "can we fix video and audio related problems on VHS and 8mm tapes?". The answer in most cases is "yes". Our Pro SD and Pro HD process uses professional broadcast machines. They are the best at fixing tracking problem and in most cases it is tracking problems that are causing the video and/or audio problems. So, when you play your VHS or 8mm tape, if you see horizontal lines at the bottom, middle or top you are having tracking problems. These tracking issues can cause audio drop out as well. The problem is that the tape isn't posited correctly on the head trying to read it. This can happen for two reasons. 1) If the camcorder was dropped it most likely moved the position of the head. From that point forward the head will be recording the video and audio in the wrong place on the tape. 2) The camcorder or deck you are playing the tape back on has the head out of alignment.

In the case of problem #1, the tapes are probably fine before this happened but any tapes made after the camcorder was dropped will be problematic. Sometimes our professional broadcast VHS to DVD machines can fix this problem and other times they can only improve it or can't improve it at all. It depends on how badly the head moved when the camcorder was dropped.

In the case of problem #2, the VHS or 8mm tapes are probably fine. It's jus the machine you are trying to play them on that has the issue. The only way to know if it is the camcorder/deck or the tapes is to try the tapes on another camcorder/deck. That will help narrow down the problem.

The second most frequently asked question is, "Can you restore my 8mm tape?". It really depends on the problem. If the VHS or 8mm tapes have uniformly color shifted and/or have a lot of video noise then yes, we can fix most of those issues. Both color correction and noise reduction take a fair amount of manual labor. So, we do charge extra for those optional services. You can choose these options on the order form. You can see examples here.

We can transfer VHS to DVD, VHS-C to DVD, 8mm to DVD, Hi8 to DVD, MiniDV to DVD and Digital 8 to DVD. We can also transfer a PAL tape to NTSC, HDV to DVD and HDV to Blu-Ray DVD. VHS to DVD and 8mm tape to DVD is the most common video tape transfer service we perform. There aren't too many companies that can transfer HDV to DVD or BluRay. The reason is that HDV uses MiniDV tapes but is high definition video as opposed to standard definition video. So, MiniDV tapes can be used for standard definition or high definition but you need the right deck in order to play them back. We have all types and will have no problem converting your MiniDV or HDV to DVD or BluRay.

*Quality of restoration is dependent upon condition of existing videotape; severely deteriorated original materials may be beyond the reach of even the most sophisticated restoration methods. Our color correction can only fix uniform color issues. For example, if the entire frame has shifted toward blue, or red. If parts of the frame are too blue and parts too red it cannot be completely fixed but we will do our best to make the video conversion look better.

Video Transfer from VHS, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8 and MiniDV to DVD
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