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8mm Print Pictures

Will 8mm Film To DVD Transfer Allow Me To Print Pictures Of Frames?

There are 4 types of Super 8 and 8mm to DVD transfer machines out there today. Both real-time and frame by frame use a modified projector and camcorder. A real-time 8mm film to DVD transfer runs the film at full speed like on a projector. Well, on this machine it is running on a projector. The film is projected onto a mirror or surface and the camcorder records that surface. You could basically do this at home.

In order to get a decent picture from the film, you need to transfer the 8mm film to HD video and bring it into a video editor. HD video will be 1920×1080 or frame size of about 1.5 MP. This is about 6 times better quality than a frame from an 8mm film to DVD transfer. You should be able to get decent 4×6 pictures provided the film frame you choose is clear and in focus.

So, if you are looking to print some pictures of your film, have your 8mm film transferred to an HD or 2K (1556 lines) video. Don’t transfer your 8mm film to DVD unless you just want to be able to view it or make copies of it.

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