Save up to 10% on your order just completed
and give up to 25% off to a friend!!

We have been very fortunate over the years to have great customers that refer other people or businesses to us. About 30% of our orders historically come from referrals. Now we are going to pay you for it!

How Does This Work? It’s simple. You get 10% off of the order just completed each time you refer a customer to us that places an order. The person you refer get’s 25% off their order even if we are running a sale. See any limitations below. 

Step By Step Process

Share On Facebook

Step 1: Bring up Facebook

Step 2: Copy And Paste The Below Text In Your FB Post

Step 3: Once the order is completed you will get up to 10% back from your last order. 

Step 4: Enjoy An Extra 10% Off Your Most Recent Order


Email Family & Friends

Step 1: Bring up your Email program

Step 2: Copy And Paste The Below Text In Your Email

Step 3: Be Sure To CC

Step 4: Enjoy An Extra 10% Off Your Most Recent Order

Please Use The Following Text For Your Emails & Facebook Posts

We’ve used this company and highly recommend them. Right now you can get up to 25% off the scanning for film or video tapes. The up to 25% off the scanning is taken off once the order is completed. This is in addition to any other promotion they might be running. Must mention “Referral 25% Off Scanning Coupon or $250 (whichever is less) from order XXXXX” in the special instructions on the order form. Visit to place your order. Again, Replace “XXXXX” above with your order number that was just completed before you post this or email it out to friends & family.

Taking Advantage Of This Sale

The Finer Details & Limitations

Their are two limitations. 

1) We are limiting the referral credit to 25% off your order or $250 (whichever is less). So, if your order total was $1500 and you referred 2 people we would credit you $150 for the first and $100 for the 2nd.

 2) The referral order must be over $250 in order for you to get 10% back from your order. Our average order is $650 so you should get 10% back on 80% of the customers you refer to us. We have to do this because if we gave you $250 back to you but only got in 2 orders for $25 we would loose a significant amount of money